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Peter Gentry, presently Chairman of The Flame Trust, has written the following article for the Wesley Fellowship website to give further information on The Flame magazine.

A minister friend of mine once described his vision for The Flame as ‘making righteousness readable.’  That’s not a bad one-liner and gives the right idea.  This quarterly magazine exists to promote what John Wesley used to speak of as ‘inward and outward holiness’, holiness of heart and life, a spiritual experience leading to a daily walk with Christ that makes life right.

Scriptural Holiness is what might be called ‘Christ-righteousness’, based as it is on the promise of the Word of God accepted by faith and entirely dependent on the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit at every turn.  It is perfect love in action.

Sanctification (transformation of life) is part of the New Birth, along with justification (forgiveness of sins), regeneration (newness of life), and adoption (becoming a child of God), but unlike these other three, it is not completed at conversion but needs the believer to be entirely consecrated to the Saviour and filled with (as well as born of) the Spirit, by whom the power for holy living is given.  That entails the opening up of a deeper seam of Christian commitment that will admit a richer enduement of grace.  Because this is normally only recognized after one’s Christian life has begun, it is often referred to as ‘the second blessing’, or, to be less rigid, might be thought of as ‘the subsequent blessing.’

It is this line of teaching, essentially evangelical in nature and Wesleyan in theological emphasis, that The Flame exists to promote.  It is the only British devotional magazine that does so.  Founded by the late Maynard G. James of the former Calvary Holiness Church in 1935 as the literature arm of his international evangelistic ministry, it is now run as an independent Trust made up of five trustees drawn from various Christian backgrounds.  It is therefore non-denominational in character, and besides articles on the theme of holiness also includes Christian comment on current affairs, book reviews and devotional studies.  The current editor is Major Norman Armistead of the Salvation Army, who is also General Secretary of the League of Prayer.

Published quarterly in January, April, July, and September, The Flame is available by post at an annual subscription of £6.00, which should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer, Miss C. Manley, 59 Parkstone Avenue, Bridgewater, Somerset, TA6 6DN.  Please make cheques payable to ‘The Flame Trust’.

Editor:  Major Norman Armistead, 5 Green Park Avenue, Cayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO1 3RY.  Tel: 01723 584474; mobile: 07901 925515; email:

Chairman and Secretary: Rev Dr Peter Gentry, 14 Milton Road, Weston-Super-Mare BS23 2SB.  Tel: 01934 636880.

Associate Editor: Rev Dr Herbert McGonigle.

Trust Members: Rev Dr Denis Applebee, Major Norman Armistead, Rev Dr Peter Gentry, Miss Carol M. Manley, Rev Dr Herbert McGonigle.

Printed by: Christian Mission Press, 62 Whitby Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 9DP; email:

Subscriptions and Accounts:  Miss C.M. Manley, 59 Parkstone Avenue, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6DN.  Tel: 01278 453122.

Annual Subscription Rates: UK: £6.00; USA: $14.00; Canada: $13.00; Other countries: £8.00 – all post free.
Advertising Rates on Request.

Published by The Flame Trust.  Registered Charity No: 279983-R.




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