The Wesley Fellowship.

Founded in 1985, The Wesley Fellowship is an international and inter-denominational fellowship of Christians committed to the spirit and teaching of John and Charles Wesley. The Fellowship aims to present a contemporary expression and interpretation of the evangelical doctrines taught by the Wesleys. In particular, it gives emphasis to the Wesleyan Arminian tradition in evangelical theology and the Wesleyan understanding of Christian holiness.

Paid-up members receive by post the Wesley Fellowship Bulletin (normally published in the spring and autumn) and selected lectures that are published by the Wesley Fellowship as ‘Occasional Papers’. Meetings are usually held twice a year, in April and in October, normally in Birmingham, England. They are conducted in a context of worship with the singing of (mostly) Charles Wesley hymns. The Papers are delivered on a wide range of topics, generally dealing with Wesleyan history, biography, theology and experience.

Some of the lectures and talks presented to meetings are chosen to be published by the Wesley Fellowship and given to members as ‘Occasional Papers’. Other Papers and documents (including recordings of lectures) are published by the Fellowship and made available at reasonable prices. Periodically, residential conferences are arranged by the Fellowship to facilitate the further study and experience of our rich Wesleyan heritage.

The Wesley Fellowship publicises its work and witness by various means including meetings, lectures, conferences, printed and audio publications, and its website. You are warmly invited to join with us and become part of this informative and inspiring fellowship!




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Updated November 2012.

The WF Bulletin Vol 28, No.1 - Summer 2013. New

Personal report by Denis Haywood

The WF Bulletin Vol 27, No.1 - Autumn 2012.

The WF Bulletin Vol 26, No.2 - Autumn 2011.

The WF Bulletin Vol 26, No.1 - Spring 2011.

The WF Bulletin Vol 25, No.1 - Spring 2010.

Wesley Fellowship / League of Prayer meeting on 24 April 2010.

Article on holiness associate The League of Prayer.

Article about The Flame magazine.

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Charles Wesley's 'Zionist Hymn'?

Recently discovered in a dusty archive: The WF Quarterly December 2000.

Dr Herbert McGonigle, Chairman of the Wesley Fellowship, writes about the one of Wesleyan Methodism’s greatest holiness evangelists.

A BURNING AND A SHINING LIGHT - The Life and Ministry of William Bramwell.


Dr Herbert McGonigle, Chairman of the Wesley Fellowship, reviews some of the Fellowship’s Publications. Click here to read those reviews.

Read Dr McGonigle's review of Roy Hattersley’s biography of John Wesley.

Since 1988, Dr McGonigle, has answered questions concerning Wesleyan theology and doctrine, sent in by enquirers to the Fellowship's quarterly publication. Click here to read a full listing of questions and answers, including the full text of Charles Wesley's hymn, ALMIGHTY God of love.